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In order to let the project succeed, we need as much information from potential users as possible. Therefore we created this contact form.
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Specific questions:
< 10 cases per year
< 30 cases per year
< 50 cases per year
1-2 times per week
3 - 10 times per week
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30 - 100 times per week
> 100 times per week
do not know yet
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Some are known, some are unknown
All kinds of different document types
Text only
Images (like Photos)
Graphics (like Guilloches)
Text and Graphics
Office environment
Outside office environment (field)
A) A report containing technology, printer brand, model, ratio, 3 best matching printing techniques / brands / models,
B) like A) but also containing reference images of the best matching techniques / brands / models,
> 20

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