Our Ambition

There are already several applications and machines (like cashpoints / automated teller machines) available to detect counterfeits based on known security features of the document.

But these systems „only“ destinguish counterfeit from original.
This can only be done in cooperation of the document designers and is not independent. If security features change, these systems need adjustments or redesigning.

The idea of Andrupos is completely different.

The Andrupos system will be used to determine printing technology and for digital printing techniques also printer brand names and model used to generate a printed document.

It can be utilized as a quick way to know what equipment is used for counterfeit documents/products. This is a total new approach.

Andrupos is also completely independent from document security features. It doesn’t matter what security features will be added to or removed frtom a document, it is only checking the source of printing, which for all documents can be linked to a specific way of document creation.

Additionally, one main outcome will be the ablility to link questionable documents to a single source of printing.

Today it is almost impossible to establish these links. Since there is no need to store personal information of the questioned documents (privacy protection), the Andrupos system can be used in a broad spectrum of investigations. It will offer a new and innovative type of internet based service for law enforcement agencies and forensic institutes.

The main economic benefits are that audit time and costs of a potentially falsified document can be drastically reduced and that these documents can potentially be linked to a single source of printing.

In addition it is especially beneficial in criminal proceedings, when the result of an document inspection (i.e. having a clear evidence for the source of printing) is present within a short period of time.

Also, the user doesn’t need to be updated all the time about the printing market which changes very fast. This part will be covered by the Andrupos system - the user therefore can focus on his own expertise.

Data protection
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement
No 760218